"And so Odin, no longer riding on Sleipner, his eight-legged steed; no longer wearing his golden armor and his eagle-helmet, and without even his spear in his hand, traveled through Midgard, the World of Men...

He was called... The Wanderer. He wore a cloak of dark blue and he carried a traveler's staff in his hands."

Like Odin the All-Father (also known as Warfather) those who carry tools to defend themselves and others wander the earth as its day-to-day protectors.  Not girded in the armor of war, but in the clothes of men so that our true purpose goes unseen from those who would choose to do violence.


Instructor, Michael Nielsen has been legally armed for over 20 years.  His passion for learning the martial art of firearms has led him to take over 400 hours of professional training classes with some of the nation's top instructors.  His passion is teaching other citizens or protectors to best utilize the skills and tools available to protect others and come home safely. seeing over 500 students per year has helped him be able to diagnose over 10,000 student trigger pulls annually!

Michael is also a student of TaeKwonDo and an avid firearms and bow hunter.

Training for all levels

Some examples of courses available:

Safe firearm handling and operation

Introduction to self-defense with a pistol

Advanced Carry Course/Every day carry

AR15 Carbine Basic/Intermediate

Revolver for self-defense

Gun safety for kids/young adults

Shotgun basics

HR218 Retired LEO Annual qualification

Wilderness-urban survival/hunting skills

NEW: Deer Rifle/precision rifle zeroing

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Multi-State Permit to Carry

As Lead Firearms instructor for Gun Permit Center, Michael Nielsen does over 300 permit to carry qualifications for our online and in-person classes per year!  There is no higher-quality more cost effective and convenient class than the online Multi State Carry Permit course through Gun Permit Center!  

Florida permit course offered as well!

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Gear and Firearms

Warfather Training Group trains with and recommends high quality serviceable firearms and duty/carry gear for everything from range practice to Everyday Carry (EDC) to hunting/game aquisition and to professional duty as a sworn officer or a private protector.  

AR15/M16 Armorer SLR15 Rifles

Glock Pistol Armorer

Authorized dealer and reseller of Aero, Guntec, Anderson and Ballistic Advantage parts and products.

Check our gear store for additional items or inquire about orders!


 “Out of every one hundred men, 

ten shouldn’t even be there,

eighty are just targets,

nine are the real fighters 

and we are lucky to have them 

for they make the battle.

Ah, but the one is a warrior, 

and he will bring the others back.”


The only difference between the ONE and everyone else is the desire to be the best and the decision to ACT.


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